5 Years Living on a Sailboat

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Baia Azzurra 63 for rent, elegance and speed.

For those who like to party and sail nothing is better when visiting Ibiza than renting a yacht to have fun and spend a real day relaxing on the coast either celebrating with friends or something more intimate, so always when renting a yacht is looking for the best agency.

The agency Barracuda Ibiza Chárter has at its disposal more than 60 ships along with the always useful collection of aquatic toys, all this to give their customers the best experiences at sea and with ships like the Baia Azzurra 63 is a piece of elegance and design.
A yacht of speed.
One of the most incredible details apart from the exterior finish of the yacht is the dual internal motor which allows the waters to sail at good speed which allows you to move wherever you want within the Ibiza area without much trouble in between.
Next to the exterior the interior has a great internal finish and in size is basically a mini apartment, comfortable with double cabins and a decor that makes you say “I’m home” because the colors of this reflect peace and serenity to customers sailing on the yacht.
For those who know yachts although it is a 2001 model the Baia Azzurra 63 is a model that endures because its design is not only fast but is elegant, and with these specifications there is no doubt because it endures:

Length: 18.9mts
Beam: 5.2mts
Capacity: 12 people
Cabins: 3 doubles
Speed: 40 / 45 knots
Engines: 2 x MAN 1300hp diesel.

This yacht along with it has television in the 3 cabins and on deck along with a sound system with horns in the cabins and deck.
Location and price.

This beautiful yacht is regularly moored in the port Marina Ibiza where the people of Barracuda Ibiza Charter makes constant maintenance to always have it ready for work, the price of this yacht varies moderately depending on the season.
The yacht has a rental cost of 2500€ during the low season cost that increases to about 2900€ during the middle season to reach 3200€ in the high season, this despite everything makes it one of the medium access yachts of the agency.

Nothing better for fast sailing.
One of the great comforts along with the on-board entertainment is the stability that the yacht has despite the speed at which it can move which is thanks to the constant maintenance that the agency Barracuda Ibiza Chárter performs daily.
With a relaxing indoor environment the clientele who have tried this yacht always come back for it when they revisit Ibiza making it one of the most requested yachts of the agency but for their comfort it is because of how people feel when sailing a yacht like this.

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Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta 2019

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What to buy at boarding time?

If you join a cruise ship for a few days, the safest thing is that the purchase is already made and all you have to do is present yourself equipped and ready to go. However, often the crew will go ashore to make the purchase, so these precautions are worth taking into account: Make sure you know if the skipper belongs to the school of canned goods or if you prefer fresh meat, fish or vegetables and make use of the kitchen on board.

Check if there is refrigerator on board and, if so, how big it is. Shop accordingly, avoiding buying too many delicacies that need to be stored with special care. Even when buying fresh food, keep in mind the cruise plans and opt for quick preparation and ease of eating. If you arrive at an anchorage at nightfall, a ready-to-eat meal will generally be more appreciated than a more elaborate one. Try to buy milk in cardboard or plastic containers. Glass bottles are a risk on board a ship. A fine burgundy or a claret often travels badly on board a ship. Reds from La Rioja are more robust when it comes to withstanding the rigours of life on board. If they are making short stages from one port to another and in each place they stay for a time, the purchase for a boat is not much different from that of a house. However, for longer stages it is vitally important to carry adequate food reserves to cope with possible emergencies. Any cruise ship should be able to cope with an unplanned night at sea, and yet every season there are multiple cases of poorly stocked yachts being trapped outside by an engine problem or something caught in the propeller. Normally, this type of incident should be an inconvenience rather than an emergency, but it can become a serious survival problem if there is only a packet of tea bags and some leftover food in the closet.

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Precautions on board

Most ship’s kitchens use a butane cylinder, so as it is heavier than air, leakage and submergence in the bilge, where it could concentrate and constitute a dangerous source of fire, must be prevented. When lighting the stove, first light the match and have it ready near the burner before connecting the gas. Make sure the burner is lit everywhere. If, for any reason, you discover that the flame has gone out and that gas has continued to escape, disconnect everything and inform the pattern of what has happened.

When you are at sea you have to be very careful in the kitchen area, because even making coffee or tea can become a risky task. For trips of more than one or two hours, the safest plan is to prepare thermoses with hot drinks before leaving and stow them vertically somewhere safe. If you are working in the kitchen while sailing, take each step slowly and carefully so that nothing can slip and fall. The safest place to place cups while preparing hot drinks is on a wet cloth placed in the sink.

When you finish cooking, check that all burners are off. It is also advisable to turn off the gas cylinder at night or when not in use, although the patrons have their own rules on this subject. If the gas runs out while cooking. turn off the burner I asked how to change the cylinder. Sometimes you simply change the top cover but sometimes you have to close the main key before uncorking a cylinder and connecting the new one.
Water and electricity conservation
On land, when you open a faucet or turn on a light, you are sure to have a continuous supply of fresh water or electricity. On board, water comes out of a clearly limited reservoir, while electricity comes from the boat’s batteries, unless you are moored to a port and the ground is connected. Therefore, get used to saving water and not leaving lights on unnecessarily. For example, when washing dishes, do not rinse under a jet of water, or leave the faucet on while brushing your teeth. More info

Many skippers ask a crew member to take responsibility for filling tanks whenever the boat is berthed and near a hose. If this job falls to you, make sure you know the exact location of the mouths of the tanks there are cases of crew members who have diligently filled the fuel tanks with fresh water. Another routine job is bilge pumping, so find out where the bilge pump is and how it works.

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Columbia – 141’

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Royal Huisman NGONI

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